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Monday, December 14thThe Victor Marx Story

Dr. Tim speaks with Victor Marx about his story of overcoming a traumatic past and experiencing the redeeming work of God.

Bio: Victor Marx is founder and President of “All Things Possible,” a national faith-based organization. He has been working with troubled youth for two decades. His presentations as a speaker nationwide both inspire and motivate listeners. He provides a unique and effective approach for character development and behavior modification by helping youth excel to become Champions in Life. Victor is a master of martial arts, a former U.S. Marine, and he has trained over 30 world and national martial art champions. Because of his own troubled youth, he has the heart to help kids of all ages succeed in life by overcoming the negative influences that would seek to destroy them.


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August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
August 3, 2015 Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley Gold Gary Smalley
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